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Adobe Photoshop crashing on LG G6
I installed Photoshop on LG G6 and every time i try to open it, the not responding error pops up. I am think to ask for help from Adobe Photoshop Customer Support. Can anyone help me with a working solution?
Posted on 17-Mar-2018

Re:Adobe Photoshop crashing on LG G6


In this forum, we support developers who are creating mobile apps with LG SDKs.

If you have a problem with app services, please contact app service providers or contact LG customer service center in your region.
(To contact LGE customer service center online, visit, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.)

Thank you.

Posted on 22-Mar-2018

Re:Adobe Photoshop crashing on LG G6

Adobe support is really great, I strongly recommend you contact them instead of useless lg ones

I have an issue with my v30 and Apple Music. I contacted to the support, but they blamed me for using ios apps on android. I have contacted multiple times, but the reply is: "LG cannot guarantee compatibility with third party apps". The reason why I think the problem is at LG is because Apple Music works on every other devices (Oneplus one, op2, Honor 7) and Apple engineers said the problem is at the lg side after looking at the bug reports. And sometimes Android bug reporter tells "system ui isn't responding".

Is there any official way to submit a bug without dealing with useless support agents? I asked them but they didn't know anything.

Posted on 14-Apr-2018

Re:Adobe Photoshop crashing on LG G6

since i was using adobe photoshop for a long but it didn't happened with me any time and i was using it on LG G6 and it was working very properly.But my frnd was dealing with this issue then he contacted Router support and now its problem is sort .

Posted on 29-Jun-2018

Re:Adobe Photoshop crashing on LG G6

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Posted on 18-Dec-2018