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LG v30 H930 no Downloadmodus after Bootloader unlock
After unlocking the boot loader, I wanted to downgrade from firmware V11m to V10F to flash TWRP recovery. The download mode is not working. I tried to flash the LAF partition without success.

"fastboot flash laf laf.img"

The following error was displayed.

"FAILED (remote: Cannot flash this partition in unlocked state)"

How can I restore the download mode?

Can I close the bootloader again?

Everything else works fine. I'm very grateful for help.

Best regards
Posted on 16-Mar-2018

Re:LG v30 H930 no Downloadmodus after Bootloader unlock


In case of bootloader unlocking, we only provide a way to unlock.

Unlocked devices and after processes are outside the scope of our technical support.

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

Thank you.

Posted on 22-Mar-2018