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LG MDM Support
Hi all,

My organisation plans to create the smartwatch app which will be used by all employees.

We decide to use LG Smartwatch(LGW270 AUSATN)

We have below query, Kindly clarify.

1. LG has MDM support for smartwatch (LGW270 AUSATN)?
2. How to download app in LG smart watch from LG MDM
3. Using LG MDM, in smart watch, it is possible to restrict user to download other apps in smartwatch.
4. Using LG MDM it is possible to to restrict the user to uninstall certain apps

Posted on 8-Mar-2018

Re:LG MDM Support


We currently provide LG GATE SDK for partners only.

You can check the details here, and if you have any questions on this, please contact directly.

Thank you.

Posted on 8-Mar-2018