Inotify and epoll mechanisms are partially broken

We’ve encountered a problem that is specific to LG devices, when we have tested our products on Android OS 7.

Confirmed affected device: LG G6 (Android 7.0)

Problem description:
Inotify and epoll mechanisms are partially broken. No notifications appears when files on external sdcard are created/changed by pre-installed applications and also adb.
The android.os.FileObserver java class that is based on inotify mechanism does not receive notifications for changes that were done by pre-installed applications also

Sample that demonstrates an issue attached (password for archive is “example”, source and apk are included).

Steps to reproduce
1. Change folder address in to address of your external sdcard
2. Compile, install and launch sample app
3. Open pre-installed browser
4. Download any file (For example antivirus test file
5. Copy downloaded file to the external sdcard and check that FileObserver onEvent callback is NOT called

We can also confirm that “stock” Android devices and / or Android OS system images of corresponding build versions (7.0.0, 7.1.0, 7.1.1) are not affected by this issue.
Many of them was re-checked by our R&D department testing team via emulator or directly on Google Nexus devices.
Posted on 28-Feb-2018

Re:Inotify and epoll mechanisms are partially broken

Dear Customer.

Can you please let us know the following information of the device you tested?
- Model name (e.g. LG F600S)
- tested SW version (e.g G600L11q)

I have reported this issue to person in charge
So please notify above information to slove


Posted on 13-Mar-2018

Re:Inotify and epoll mechanisms are partially broken

Dear Customer

We have checked what the problem it is.
This is not only LG device behavior but also other device has same problem because of Google AOSP

Google has been gotten same issues as below
but they changed status to be fixed without solution

So please pay attention to google announcement of this problem

Posted on 14-Mar-2018