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Un Lock Bootloader and Root LG-H932/T Mobile LG v30 USA
I bought my phone it's mine not yours you don't own it! I own it and the android os, AOSP, and GNU that you are clearly breaking the law by keeping the bootloader locked and not giving the option of superuser or root on the USA versions... Why do you like breaking the law? Why must I break the law to simply install a worth while and reliable back up such as TWRP vs the turd you call LG cloud backup? Seriously WT flip... I'm going to make a "hard call" I know for a fact that the specs on your phone are OK and mostly a gimmick thats why you put out the LG v30+ shortly after... Headphones and one other feature that was so insignificant that I can't even remember what it is... So my prediction is as long as you have a so called "Developer Site" for your bloatware crap box that I can't remove the crap without a dam windows computer... Your US market is doomed to fail after the novelty of this phone fades... I only got it to take google 360 pics... they are ok but the top and bottom of the pics are well meh... I can't get into error logs to develop and make your $hi+stick better... Because you wont let me unlock bootloader install a ACTUAL BACK UP IE TWRP (Your cloud is crap along with all your apps period) and gain superuser access to see what is actually going on as I have been doing for close to 10 years now! XDA form the USA forum side is sick of your crap STOP IT! GIVE US A UNLOCK AND A WAY TO EXECUTE COMMANDS IN FAST BOOT! Seriously what the hell is your problem... Sick of your crap support and no sense for a locked phone aside of your T Mobiles i'tch trying to be all Apple which just makes you a sell out and evil! SO to recap LG v30 T Mobile USA (LG-H932) Unlock the dam bootloader, reactivate the fasboot commands and allow us superuser NOW!!! Or we will all get bored and hack your site and or ddos it till well who cares.. We just want root you turds!
Posted on 18-Feb-2018