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Android Oreo 8.0 for lg g5se (H840).
Will it ever be released Oreo for LG H840?
Is there any beta program to join?
Have you considered to make some improvement for the camera algorithm?
Posted on 1-Feb-2018

Re:Android Oreo 8.0 for lg g5se (H840).


LG Developer site supports developers creating LG TV/mobile apps with LG SDKs.
We support developers and provide resources to help their app development.

We don't have much relevance to software development of LG devices.

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

For questions about the software update, please contact LG customer service center in your region.
(To contact LG customer service center online, visit, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.)

Thank you.

Posted on 6-Feb-2018