USA TMO LG V20 fastboot commands
Let me reference this page:

and I quote:
"Your phone will reboot into the fastboot mode. You can check if the device is successfully unlocked, you can check by entering "fastboot getvar unlocked" and verifying that the response is "unlocked: yes"

You can now download a custom android binary.

1. Run the desired fastboot command.
*Quick Guide
i. flash : fastboot flash
Ex) fastboot flash boot boot.img
ii. erase : fastboot erase
Ex) fastboot erase boot
iii. reboot : fastboot reboot OR fastboot reboot-bootloader"

Except when a fastboot flash command is called, it throws an unknown command error (LG removed fastboot commands phone side)
Can someone from LG explain why the fuck we can unlock our bootloader , but can't use fastboot commands?
Posted on 8-Sep-2017

Re:USA TMO LG V20 fastboot commands

Are you turning android debugging on befor trying fastboot commands? If no this must be turned on. If yes make sure you have properly installed fastboot and adb to your pc. Please refrain from profanity. Especially when it could be operator error.

Posted on 9-Sep-2017