LG V20 - 4 DAC, Suggestion about software
Hello, first, I'm sorry if don't post this topic in the correct part of the forum and if my english is bad

I'm an audiophile who have choose the LG V20 mainly for the 4 DAC chip, because I have a high-end low impedance headphone.
So I have search about the difference between the high impedance mode and normal mode for DAC, and I a found a sentence about the mainly difference between those mode :
"The Quad DAC’s low power mode shuts down three of the four DACs when they’re not needed, to increase battery life when playing lower quality audio or using lower quality headsets." – Ken Hong, global communications director for LG

So that where the paradox, I use PCM 16 bits audio file with high-end low impedance headphone, so that mean that i cannot have the full quality of the 4 DAC using my headphone because it's unrecognised into a high impedance headphone ?

And that where I a have a suggestion about the impedance detection of the LG V20 :
Why do not include a expert mode option for lets choose to the user how many DAC are activated on his phone ? So yes, I know this manipulation without knowing can be dangerous for the headphone (so that's why I have thinking in first, that this mode can be unlocked into the Android developer option), but for people who know about their technical aspect of their headphone, DAC and risk knowing, what they can do ?
So I don't know if I will be listened and understood, but I know how much LG is focalized on audio quality about the V phone serie, so let's hope about it ;)

Thanks you very much, Xenoxis.

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Posted on 20-Aug-2017

Re:LG V20 - 4 DAC, Suggestion about software


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Posted on 21-Aug-2017