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LG K7 X-210 Recovery/Root
I tried every root Method but nothing worked.
(DPDroid, Kingroot, Kingoroot....)

The last Option i know is (Flash Recovery TWRP)
and install and hope it works.

I flasht TWRP with adb fastboot (ADB and Handy says OK)

Command: fastboot reboot (not work)

I turnt it off Holding the Power button, turn it on with Power and Volumen up but the Stock Recovery is there and it Frozed, a few second later it reboots. I turnt it off to show in Recovery but there are no TWRP. Only Stock Recovery.

What can i do???

Handy: K7 X-210
System: 5.1
Bootloader: Unlocked
Posted on 29-Jul-2017

Re:LG K7 X-210 Recovery/Root


LG Developer site does not provide any information about rooting LG devices.

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

Thank you.

Posted on 1-Aug-2017

Re:LG K7 X-210 Recovery/Root

OK Thanks 4 the fast Answer.

Posted on 1-Aug-2017