How to set an AVD on Android Studio tu Emulate LG K10
I'm developing an HTML5 app, during a test a tester reported an issue with LG K10 and Android 6.0.
I'm try to reproduce it on Android Studio Emulator, but into the Emulator I have no issue.
Could you tell me how to set an AVD to right emulate an LG K10 device?
Posted on 18-Jul-2017

Re:How to set an AVD on Android Studio tu Emulate LG K10

Thanks for your answer.
I create my own an AVD with specs of LG K10.
In my honest opinion is very strange that company as LG don't provide an Hardware Profile to download and import into the Android Studio.
The client notice me an issue only with this device.
I developed a game using Adobe Animate and exporting the code for HTML Canvas (it provide a code using CreateJS).
The game work fine, the element and button of the game are located in the right position but... the background image result not in the right position.
The dimension of background is correct, the pivot is correct, the x and y point are corrects, but the position of background need to be increase by 100px for the y and 250px for the x.
I don't understand the reason why of this issue.

Posted on 20-Jul-2017