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Kiosk Mode restart crushes system
At the moment, we have problems with two (I have only 2)
Devices of your company. The problem is as follows:
We reset the devices to the factory settings, installed our application
in DeviceOwner mode via NFC (For details, see, for example,
from the article,
Installed a certain Locker in KioskMode mode (Screen Pinning)
Up to this point everything works as it should, but if we block
Device in KioskMode mode and reboot it, then both our
Devices will NEVER continue to work - LG G4s, for example, after a reboot
will give several errors that the application "settings" and some
others are stopped, and when you try to unlock the device, it will
go to reboot. And so on ad infinitum.

LG Nexus 5x does not load at all after reboot.
Information about the software / build and other I put in the screenshots.
Logs of devices are also in attachments.
Posted on 23-Jun-2017