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Accuracy of digital compass on LG Android smartphones

My name is Thomas and I am from a Hong Kong IT company called Cherrypicks. We have developed an indoor navigation app that uses signals from BLE devices. Besides basic 2D map navigations, we also have an AR feature which use live camera video stream plus an arrow overlapping on top to point out the direction. The direction of the arrow is actually calculated from the reading of digital compass using SensorManager.getOrientation().

However, we found that the reading is not very accurate, to the point that there's sometime a deviation of more than 45 degree, which makes it quite unusable.

We have tried on a few phones, such as G3, G5, V10 & V20.

Is there anything we can do to improve the accuracy? We have already tried the figure-8 calibration but it didn't help much.

Thanks a lot!
Posted on 10-May-2017

Re:Accuracy of digital compass on LG Android smartphones

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Posted on 16-Nov-2018