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Create fonts
Are there any docs on creating fonts for the for smart world?
Posted on 28-Apr-2017

Re:Create fonts

I have tried using apps from the playstore to change fonts on my LG G5, but it only allows fonts on smartworld

Posted on 29-May-2017

Re:Create fonts

Could you explain what "basically the normal android app for fonts follows the Android development method" means?

Or better yet, link to some actual documentation that is not because that doesn't actually have any documentation for fonts on it. At least, that I could find.

Custom fonts currently cannot be installed on LG phones without rooting the device, unlike other Android systems (why this is disabled on LG phones baffles me). The only fonts that can be added are in the LG world store, which has 0 documentation on how to actually add and publish fonts.

Posted on 2-Jun-2017