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LG LM-G820N device issues regarding extracting the depth map (XMP metadata) from the image file.
Hi LG,

Device model: LM-G820N
After updating the device to the Android Q beta version to analyze the dynamic depth images, I am facing some issues.
They are as follows.

1. From the results obtained through my work, our recently purchased device LM-G820N camera is not taking the images that contains depth related information (XMP metadata). I performed the following work and the tests to extract the depth map from the image file.

i.) I cannot able find the XMP metadata in the images taken by our building app using the LM-G820N device camera. I checked with the metadata-extractor dependency and the standard ExifTool to see whether there is a XMP directory data in the image file, nothing is found.
ii.) Also, I checked by printing the list of directories present in the metadata present in the image file, nothing related to XMP directory is found.
iii.) I tried through the built-in camera app present in the device by taking the picture and analyzing it. No traces of XMP metadata was found in that picture files too.
iv.) Finally, To confirm myself whether ExifTool is the right tool, I checked with the depthmap images found in the internet. I found the XMP metadata in those image files.

2. Also, after updating the device to the latest Android Q beta version, We cannot able to see the LM-G820 built in camera features like portrait mode, blur, HDR etc. Right now, only the standard built in camera with very basic features are present in our device.

Any sort of help in these issues and also on how to extract the depth map images from the image file will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
Posted on 4-Oct-2019