From full-featured to simple, LG puts cutting edge technology at your fingertips.

Plus, we make it easy to create applications with LG mobile SDKs to developers.

Let's get started!

Set up the Development Environment



Download JDK and Android Studio first to develop applications for LG mobile devices.


Download the SDK or Sample



Download the SDK/samples and start creating your application for LG mobile devices.

Each SDK and sample provides LG specialized features.

Check the supported devices of the SDK or sample before you download it.

For detailed information on the SDK and sample, go to DEVELOP.



Refer to the Developer Guide



Developer guide helps you to develop your application using the SDK or sample.

Refer to the developer guide available from Developer Guides.


Distribute Your App



Distribute your Android app through LG SmartWorld.
LG SmartWorld is a global app store that offers a wide range of mobile apps and contents to enhance mobile experiences.

You can distribute your app through Google Play as well.

For more information, go to DISTRIBUTE.