LG Watch SDK


Introduction to LG Watch SDK

LG Watch SDK provides developer guide and sample project for developing application of smart watch equipped with physical mechanical hands that point to the hour and minute. 

LG Watch SDK includes the obstruction API to obtain the information regarding the obstruction area on LG Watch W7. It is possible to judge whether the smart watch has the obstruction display or not and to relocate the application UI components dynamically on the screen at runtime. In other words, it is possible to implement one smart watch application to support both general display and obstruction display.



Supported Devices

  • LG Watch W7


Installing the LG Watch SDK

Download the package file and extract the LG Watch SDK package into a directory.


LG Watch SDK package includes:

  • docs : API Reference, Developer Guide
  • libs : API Library File (.jar)
  • sample : Sample Application (source code included)