LG Smart Bulletin SDK


Introduction to the LG Smart Bulletin SDK

LG Smart Bulletin is a home bulletin for LG Home. LG Smart Bulletin brings together all applications and information scattered across a smartphone and shows refined contents in a concise manner for their effective use. LG Smart Bulletin allows users easier access to necessary information on the home screen while it enables you to communicate easily with users by presenting the unique contents of your application.


3rd party applications can be attached to LG Smart Bulletin. To attach your applications to LG Smart Bulletin, you need to make your application as a Smart Bulletin provider. A Smart Bulletin provider is a kind of app widget with Smart Bulletin features added to it.




A Smart Bulletin provider offers the following features:

  • Running a full-screen application
  • Setting content colors
  • Issuing notifications (once/ongoing notifications)
  • Monitoring Smart Bulletin status
  • Monitoring providers’ attachment status

Supported Devices

LG Smart Bulletin supports 3rd party providers only in LG Home version 4.50 or higher.

To check the version of your LG Home, find and tap ‘Home’ in Settings > Apps > All and then check the version of 'Home' on the app information screen.

Installing the LG Smart Bulletin SDK

Download the package file and extract the Smart Bulletin package into a directory.


The Smart Bulletin package includes:

  • Smart Bulletin Container for test
  • Sample application (source code included)
  • Developer guide (this document)
  • Design resources