LG QSlide is a feature on LG smartphones to provide an application with multi-tasking using floating window.

The window (activity) of the QSlide application can be floating on the other windows, so users can see both windows simultaneously. Also, it can control the interaction with user interface by adjusting the floating window’s transparency. If the floating window is transparent, users cannot touch any component of it except the title bar. And then, components of the background window underneath the floating window can be touched and interact with users. By doing this, LG QSlide enables users to see and control more than one application at once on the same screen.

The launcher icon of a QSlide app can be added to Notification bar on the device. Users can access and run the application quickly through Notification bar.


mobile_qslide_multi_tasking mobile_qslide_notificationbar


Now, developers have a chance to make their own multi-tasking application with LG QSlide SDK.

LG QSlide SDK provides open APIs for implementing functions supported by the LG QSlide feature on LG smartphones. Using these APIs, developers can make an application have the floating window which can be transparent so that users can see the background underneath it. Also, developers can add its launcher icon to Notification bar in order to access and execute it quickly.


Supported Devices

The LG QSlide SDK works on the Android-based LG smartphones. To run the application using the SDK, the target device is required to meet the following preconditions:

  • The minimum Android API level of the device should be over 17.

In accordance with Android policy changes, the app which sets its target SDK to Android M cannot use the LG QSlide SDK. Android does not allow 3rd party apps (non-preloaded apps) to use some permissions required for LG QSlide SDK as of Android M.