LG QPair enables LG Android tablets to connect with smartphones which is based on Android JB or later and makes user experiences shared between them.


With LG QPair, users do not need to be worry about missing calls or SMSs when they are using tablets. LG QPair is an awesome feature which helps users to use their tablet and smartphones seamlessly. All of LG Android tablet users can enjoy the features by easily installing LG QPair application on their smartphones from Google Play.




LG QPair establishes Bluetooth connection between LG Android tablets and any other Android smartphones. Once those two devices are connected, it is possible for the connected devices to communicate with each other. Transferring SMSs and sharing LG QuickMemo images are good examples of communicating via the LG QPair.


In addition, developers can make various applications sharing user experiences between LG Android tablets and Android smartphones using the LG QPair SDK. Applications developed on the LG QPair SDK can send messages, which are named as Peer Intent, to the paired device over the LG QPair connection.


LG QPair SDK provides the following features:
• Executing Android activities on the paired device.
• Executing Android services on the paired device.
• Sending Android broadcasts to the paired device.
• Sending data to the paired device.


The Peer Intent might be familiar to developers because they are very similar to Android Intent except the virtual connection between devices. Developers can do anything which can be done with Android Intent between two different devices using the Peer Intent. It is possible to make the paired device run applications, play medias, or even configure the system settings with the Peer Intent from the main device.


The LG QPair SDK consists of the following components:
Library: Open APIs which provide functions of LG QPair
Documentation: API references (Javadoc)
Samples: Sample applications and their source codes


Developers can refer to the API references and sample source code to know how to make their application communicate with the paired device over LG QPair.

In addition, LG Developer web site provides helpful documentation for LG QPair SDK, like as development tips or sample tutorials. Those documentation can be found here.

Supported Devices

The LG QPair SDK works on LG QPair. It means that target devices must have the LG QPair application and be paired to each other by LG QPair.

LG Android tablets already has the LG QPair application installed. All of Android smartphones to be paired with them should be installed the application manually. The LG QPair applications works on Android 4.1 or later.


The supported LG tablets are:
• V500 (LG G Pad 8.3)
• V510 (LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play)
• V400