LG QCircle SDK


The QuickCircle case is a smart phone cover case with a circular window cut-out on the front. The QuickCircle case provides distinguishable UX features. Users can select applications directly through the cover's QuickCircle window. In addition, the users can also receive notifications and check new messages.

LG QCircle SDK is a software development toolkit that allows the creation of applications compatible with a QuickCircle case. LG QCircle SDK allows developers to make the best use out of UX features of the QuickCircle case.


Various clock widgets are provided on the phone by default to set as a Quick Circle clock. From the LG G4, you can create a custom clock widget that users can set it as a Quick Circle clock. It can be developed by only using Android APIs, then specifies a widget category for Quick Circle clock widget.


LG QCircle SDK provides following features:

  • Running an application in the QuickCircle window
  • Providing a QCircle template
  • Supporting a QuickCircle clock widget


The application developed with LG QCircle SDK can be directly accessed from the cover and run in the QuickCircle window.


The LG QCircle SDK does not provide a specific library. The LG QCircle application can be implemented by using broadcast intents sent from LG QCircle framework.


The LG QCircle SDK consists of the following components:

  • Library: Open APIs which provide functions of LG QCircle
  • Documentation: API references (Javadoc)
  • Samples: Sample applications and source codes


Developers can refer to the API references and sample source code to know how to develop QCircle apps and QCircle clock widget.

In addition, LG Developer website provides helpful documentation for LG QCircle SDK, like as key implementation or Sample tutorials. You can find these documentations in Resource Center > Mobile - Android > Doc > Dev Guide.


Supported Devices

The LG QCircle SDK works on Android 4.4 or later.

The currently supported LG smart phone models are:

  • LG G4
  • LG G3 series
  • LG G Flex 2