LG Dual Camera


Introduction to Dual Camera

The dual camera feature of LG smartphones provides unique camera experiences. The two cameras on the dual camera side present different view perspectives, one with wide angle view and the other with standard angle view. Magnified zoom in and out, Pop-out picture and multi-view window are among the notable use cases of dual camera.

Supported Devices

The following LG mobile devices come with dual camera feature:

• LG V20

• LG V10

• LG G5

App Developer Guide and Sample Codes

You can create your own dual camera applications using the standard Android APIs. To help you create dual camera applications for LG smartphones, we provide the Dual Camera App Developer Guide and Sample Code.


The Developer Guide provides information on how to access each camera device and utilize camera functionality such as displaying preview, taking a picture, etc. The Sample Code shows an example of how to manage camera devices by using camera access information as well as Android framework’s Camera APIs.