Sample Application Overview

The Smart Bulletin package contains a sample application. With this sample application, we will take a look at what functions you can implement with a Smart Bulletin provider.

Importing the Sample Project

To run the sample application, import the sample project as follows.


1) Go to File > Import in the Eclipse menu.


2) Select Android > Existing Android Code Into Workspace and click Next.


3) Click Browse and specify the folder in which the sample application's source code is. Then select the item that appears in the 'Projects' and click Finish. Check 'Copy projects into workspace' if you want to copy the sample application to a different folder.


Looking Over Sample Providers

After installing the sample application, you can see three providers are attached to Smart Bulletin as shown in (a). When you enter the Smart Bulletin's settings screen, these three providers are added to the list as shown in (b).


(a) Providers in the Sample Application (b) Attached Providers


The following are the functions provided by each provider:


Sample notification provider

This sample provider issues notifications. You can issue and remove one-shot (once) and ongoing notifications by using the ADD and REMOVE buttons. In the figure (a) below, an ongoing notification was issued.


Sample card provider

This sample provider dynamically changes the content. You can add cards one by one by using the ADD button and remove all added cards by using the REMOVE ALL button. You can remove a card by tapping the X button on the right of the card. In the figure (b) below, two cards were added.


Sample configuration provider

This sample provider dynamically changes the content screen's colors. If you tap a color button, the background and title colors in the content area change to the color of the button. In the figure (c) below, the RED button was tapped.



(a) (b) (c)