Development Tips

Provider as an App Widget

If you set widgetCategory of your app widget provider as described in this document, your app widget will be hidden from widget list for home screen. However, you can make your app widget shown in both of Smart Bulletin and the home screen.


Set widgetCategory of your app widget provider as follows:




In this case, both of Smart Bulletin and the home screen can detect your app widget.


The height of Smart Bulletin providers is flexible while that of app widgets is fixed. Do not use your Smart Bulletin provider as a general app widget if its height is expandable.

Different Colors in Providers which are Included in the Same Application

An application can have more than one provider. In general, you cannot set the default background color and title color of each provider respectively because an application can specify only one resource for each color.


Fortunately, you can choose one of the following ways to set different colors of your providers from one application: Delegating to Smart Bulletin to determine colors of providers or setting colors dynamically.


If you want to change colors dynamically, see Changing Colors Dynamically.

Limitation of Smart Bulletin Container for Test

Smart Bulletin Container for test does not provide all features of Smart Bulletin. There are following limitation in Smart Bulletin Container for test.


  • You cannot turn on or off Smart Bulletin in Smart Bulletin Container.
  • Height of some content attached to Smart Bulletin Container might be expanded or reduced compared to the original size.
  • If you do not check the check box in the confirm message box when adding new providers, it may malfunction.

Maximum number of Contents

Maximum number of attached providers of Smart Bulletin depends on device models; the exact value is not specified in this document. In Settings, you cannot select more than the maximum number of providers.


It is important to limit the contents attached to Smart Bulletin at the same time because the attached contents occupy memory.

Checking version of LG Home

As described in Introduction and Development, to display third-party providers in Smart Bulletin, you must use LG Home version 4.50 or higher.


The following explains how to check which version of LG Home you have on your smartphone:


Find and tap ‘Home’ in Settings > Apps > All. Check the version of Home on the app information screen.


The following image shows an installed version of LG Home that supports Smart Bulletin.