Development Environment

Installing Android SDK

Smart Bulletin runs on Android-based LG smartphones. You need Android SDK to make Smart Bulletin providers.


See Android Developer > to set up the Android development environment on your PC.

Installing Smart Bulletin Package

Extract the Smart Bulletin package into a directory.


The Smart Bulletin package includes:

  • Smart Bulletin Container for test
  • Sample application (source code included)
  • Developer guide (this document)
  • Design resources

Test Environment

Preparing a Test Device

To test developed Smart Bulletin providers, a target device is necessary. On LG smartphones that have Smart Bulletin 2.0 installed, you can run and test Smart Bulletin providers without doing any specific configuration.

If your smartphone does not have Smart Bulletin 2.0 installed or if you cannot find out whether Smart Bulletin is installed on your smartphone, you need to install Smart Bulletin Container, which is used for testing purposes.


Smart Bulletin Container runs on Android 5.0 or later.


Install Smart Bulletin Container as follows:

> adb install SmartBulletin-Container.apk


Smart Bulletin Container is an application running independently instead of running on Home screen. The following figure shows the screen of Smart Bulletin Container.


Running Your Provider

To test a developed Smart Bulletin provider, first you need to attach the provider to Smart Bulletin.


If you are using Smart Bulletin, when you install a provider, the installed provider is displayed automatically. If the maximum number of displayed providers is exceeded, the last provider to be added is not displayed but appears merely in a list of available providers like figure (b).


If you are using Smart Bulletin Container, which is used for testing purposes, when you run Smart Bulletin Container after installing a provider, you will see the message shown in figure (a). The message box asks you to confirm creating a new provider and attaching it to Smart Bulletin Container. If you check the option on the message box, Smart Bulletin Container will create and attach a provider whenever an application is installed.


(a) Confirm Message (b) Available Providers


If you are using Smart Bulletin Container, make sure to check the check box in the confirm message box before proceeding. If you do not check the check box, it may malfunction.


Select your provider on the setting screen to attach it to Smart Bulletin. After that, your provider appears on Smart Bulletin so that you can test it.