Applications developed using the LG QSlide SDK work only on the LG smartphone which are based on Android 4.2 or later.

Introduction to the Sample Application

There are two sample applications in the LG QSlide SDK package. One is a simple API usage sample, the other is a floating window game ported from Lunar Lander which is a sample program in Android SDK.


API Sample

This is an example which shows the API usage for developing QSlide applications.
When the sample application is first loaded, you will see the screen (a) as below.




The sample application has only one Activity showing basics of the LG QSlide APIs.
It consists of the following UI components:

  • Description: It prints out description for the current mode.
  • Options: It shows three checkboxes. Those checkboxes are options to set styles of the floating window.
    - check ‘useOverlay’ to enable users to change the transparency of the floating window.
    - check ‘useOverlappingTitle’ to remove the title bar of the floating window.
    - check ‘isResizable’ to enable users to change the size of the floating window.
  • Switch button: It enables users to switch the Activity into the floating window. The button acts differently depends on the current mode. In the full screen mode, the floating window is displayed instead of the full screen Activity as (b). In the floating window mode, the window switches back to the full screen mode as (c).
  • Information: It shows the last location of the floating window when the window is closed.


Lunar Lander

This is an example to show how to change your application into a QSlide application.
The goal of Luna Lander is to land the lunar lander on the moon safely. You can see screen (a) as below when the application starts.



  • Switch button: It enables users to switch the game screen into the floating window. Screen (b) shows the game running in the floating window.
  • Game screen: It shows a lunar lander and moon ground. Users can control the lander using arrow buttons on the screen


Notification bar icon

The sample applications can be run by clicking the icon on the QSlide tab in the Notification bar. It shows the sample application icon on the QSlide tab as below.


Please refer to Developing to know how to make applications shown in the Notification bar.

Importing the Sample Application

In order to execute the sample application, you should follow the steps below. 


1. Start Eclipse.


2. Select File > New > Project.




3. Select Android > Android Project from Existing Code, and click Next.




4. Click Browse… and select the directory you installed the LG QSlide SDK.
If you downloaded the LG QSlide SDK by Android SDK Manager or copied it manually to the recommended directory, the path of the LG QSlide SDK is:

{Android SDK root directory}\add-ons\addon-qslidesdk-lg-17


5. Check the samples to import and ‘Copy projects into workspace’ box, click Finish.




6. The projects ‘QSlideAPI_Sample’ and ‘QSlide_LunarLander’ will appear in the project explorer.


7. Open the property window of each project and set the ‘Project Build Target’ to ‘QSlide Add-On’.




The sample projects are now ready to run.