LG QSlide SDK Overview


LG QSlide SDK provides open APIs for implementing functions supported by LG QSlide on LG smartphones.

Using these APIs, developers can make an application have the floating window which can be transparent. Also, developers can add its launch icon to Notification bar in order to access and execute it easily.


LG QSlide SDK consists of the following components:

  • Library: Open APIs which provide functions of LG QSlide feature on LG devices
  • Documentation: API reference documentation (javadoc)
  • Samples: Sample application and source codes developed with LG QSlide APIs

Key Features

LG QSlide APIs provide the following key features.

  • Switching the mode between floating and full screen window
  • Adjusting transparency, size and position of the floating window
  • Customizing styles of the floating window
  • Adding the application’s launch icon to Notification bar

Supported Devices

LG QSlide SDK works on the Android-based LG smartphones. To run the application developed with the SDK, the target device is required to meet the following preconditions.

  • The minimum Android API level of the device should be over 17.

In accordance with Android policy changes, the app which sets its target SDK to Android M cannot use the LG QSlide SDK. Android does not allow 3rd party apps (non-preloaded apps) to use some permissions required for LG QSlide SDK as of Android M.