Additional Implementation

This page provides additional information for implementation.

Adding a launch icon to the Notification bar

Notification bar recognizes QSlide applications installed in the device dynamically, and displays launch icons of the applications. It is necessary that an alias for the activity has been declared in the manifest file to tag the application as a QSlide application.















In the above code, <activity-alias> declares the alias for QSlideFloatableActivity which is an activity described above. The following table describes important entries in the tag. Entries written in bold are mandatory:


Entry name Description
android:name defines the name of the alias. It is recommended to use the name of the target activity.
android:enabled enables or disables the alias
android:icon defines the icon image shown in the Notification bar.
android:label define the label of the launch icon
android:targetActivity sets the target activity for the alias
<intent-filter> sets the flag for the Notification bar to recognize this activity. All the sub tags of this tag are needed

defines properties of the activity for the Notification bar

- cleartask: sets the FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TASK of the intent

- min version: sets the version of LG QSlide. It should be set as 2.5 for 3rd party applications


For detailed information for <activity-alias>, refer to the Android developer site.

Please place an <activity-alias> tag right after the <activity> tag for the target activity.


Launching Activity in the floating window mode

It is possible to start the activity in the floating window mode from the beginning. Add the following code before running the activity by intent.

intent.putExtra("", true);