Release Notes

Android API Level 16, Revision 2

Release Date: 2014/12/04


New Features

LG QPair revision 2 supports success callbacks received by the local device when Peer Intents are sent successfully. See Developing and Sample Tutorials.

Code Changes

• The LG QPair library is updated
  - com.lge.qpair.api.r1 package is deprecated.
  - com.lge.qpair.api.r2 package is added.
  - Success callback parameters are added to startActivityOnPeer(), startServiceOnPeer(), sendBroadcastOnPeer(), startServiceOnPeerWithFile().
  - QPairConstants.ACTION_QPAIR_SERVICE changed to QPairConstants.ACTION_SERVICE.
  - QPairConstants.PACKAGE_NAME is added for bindService() in Android API level 21 or above.
• Sample applications are updated
  - QPairAPIDemo, StartGalleryOnPeer, StartCustomActivityOnPeer import a new package instead of the old package.
  - QPairAPIDemo, StartGalleryOnPeer, StartCustomActivityOnPeer change QPairConstants.ACTION_QPAIR_SERVICE to QPairConstants.ACTION_SERVICE.
  - QPairAPIDemo, StartGalleryOnPeer, StartCustomActivityOnPeer binds to the QPair service with explicit intents.
  - StartCustomActivityOnPeer adds a success callback argument when calling startActivityOnPeer().


Known Issues

This section summarizes the issues that developers are most likely to encounter when using the LG QPair SDK. It is not an exhaustive list of known bugs.
• LG QPair does not support Bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0 because Android API level 16 only supports Bluetooth 2.0.

Android API Level 16, Revision 1

Release Date: 2014/05/16

New Features

The LG QPair SDK provides APIs to enable LG Android tablets to connect with Android smartphones using QPair connection. It offers Peer Intent for communication between paired devices. Developers creates applications to allow users to enjoy a more seamless UX on their tablets and smartphones.
LG QPair APIs provide the following key features:
•   Starting Android activities on the peer device
•   Starting Android services on the peer device
•   Sending Android broadcasts to the peer device
•   Sending data to the peer device.

Known Issues

•  None