Terms and Concepts

The followings provide a glossary for LG QPair SDK.


The name of the feature that helps users to use their android smartphones and LG tablets seamlessly.

QPair Application

The application provided by LG to connect Android smartphone and LG tablet.

QPair-enabled Application

An application which provides QPair features. It generally indicates applications developed using LG QPair SDK.

Peer Intent

A message to communicate between paired devices.


A data shared between paired devices. It is a key-value pair.

Using properties is a simple way to share data without using a Peer Intent.

QPair Connection

A virtual link that conveys Peer Intents and Properties between two devices that are paired by LG QPair.

Paired Devices

Both of LG tablet and android smartphone that are paired with each other by LG QPair.

Local Device

A device which is running current code among paired devices.

Peer Device

A device which is not a local device and paired with the local device.