LG QPair Overview

LG QPair is the name of features on LG Android tablets. It enables tablets to be paired with Android smartphones. With QPair, users can enjoy a more seamless UX (User Experience) on their tablets and smartphones.


LG Android tablets have a preloaded application of the same name that provides the basic features of QPair. In this document, it is called the QPair application in order to distinguish it from QPair features and the QPair SDK. The QPair application is a prerequisite for using the QPair SDK and it can also show various examples of the use of QPair features.


What is LG QPair?

LG QPair makes a connection between LG Android tablets and Android smartphones so that users can use both devices more seamlessly. This connection is established by Bluetooth. Once a tablet is paired with a smartphone, QPair provides the following functions:


• The tablet (smartphone) can start the paired smartphone’s (tablet’s) Android activities.

• The tablet (smartphone) can start the paired smartphone’s (tablet’s) Android services.

• The tablet (smartphone) can send Android broadcasts to the paired smartphone (tablet).

• The tablet (smartphone) can send data to the paired smartphone (tablet).




Users can therefore use their tablets and smartphones together more seamlessly, like one device. With QPair, it is possible to run applications, play media, send files or even configure system settings between paired devices. For example, users do not need to worry about missing calls or SMSs on their smartphones when they are using their tablets. If the smartphone receives a call, a call notification will also appear on the tablet. If the smartphone gets an SMS, the user can also read and reply to it on the tablet.


QPair can support other manufacturers’ smartphones if they meet a few requirements, such as Android API level. So all LG Android tablet users can enjoy QPair features simply by installing the QPair application on their smartphones.


LG QPair Application


The LG QPair application is the application provided by LG in order to offer the basic features of QPair.


To use QPair features, both the smartphone and the tablet to be paired should have the QPair application. LG Android tablets have it preloaded by default. For smartphones, it can be downloaded and installed from Google Play.

QPair Connection

The LG QPair application provides Bluetooth pairing between target tablets and smartphones. In this document, this pairing state is called the QPair connection. Using the QPair connection, the QPair application make the devices communicate with each other.

LG QPair Use Cases

The LG QPair application shows various examples of use demonstrating the benefits that QPair provides to users.


Call forwarding or Call notifications

Call forwarding:

You can take a call on the tablet when the paired smartphone receives a call. It supports V400/V700 or later models.


Call notifications:

You can check the caller ID and send a decline message on the tablet when the paired smartphone receives a call. It supports V500/V510.



Message notifications

Message notifications from your phone will appear on the tablet. You can read the message and reply to it on your tablet.



Social network notifications

When the phone receives an SNS notification, the same notification will appear on the status bar of the tablet.



QMemo transfer

If you save a QMemo on the tablet, the same file will be saved to the Gallery on the phone.



Internet via phone

An Internet connection will be established via the phone. (Wi-Fi hotspot)


The tablets for North America may not support this feature because this region’s major carriers do not allow it.


Recent app sticker

When the tablet screen is unlocked, a sticker will display the last application used on the phone. You can tap the sticker to run the application; the tablet will then run the same application that was last used on the phone. Make sure that the application is installed on both the phone and the tablet.