The LG QCircle SDK includes a sample app with its source codes. The sample app uses LG QCircle APIs and runs in the Quick Circle window once the cover is closed.

Importing the Sample Project

Using Android Studio

To import sample applications:

1. Open Android Studio.


2. Select Open an existing Android Studio project from Quick Start.




3. Go to the folder QCircleSDK exists and in the folder ForAndroidStudio, select sample.


4. Samples are loaded as a project.




Using Eclipse

1. Open Eclipse.


2. Select File > New > Project.




3. Select Android > Android Project from Existing Code, and click the Next button.




4. Click the Browse… button and select the directory you installed the LG QCircle SDK.


5. Check the samples to import and the ‘Copy projects into workspace’ box, click the Finish button.




Introduction to Sample Application


The LG QCircle SDK includes sample applications with its source codes.

The sample applications show some key points for developing a Quick Circle application. The key points are:

  • How to create a template and add UIs
  • How to connect to a full screen activity
  • How to adjust UI components
  • How to improve UI compatibility


There are two sample applications in the QCircle SDK: Simple Circle and Bean Bird in Circle.

Simple Circle




Bean Bird in Circle

The Bean bird in circle shows how the Quick circle application can work depending on the cover's state. When the cover is closed, it will display a Bean bird image through the Quick Circle window as shown below, and users can change its background by pressing a button in the middle. Once the cover is opened, the application will direct users to the LG Developer website.


mobile_qcircle_sample_7.jpg mobile_qcircle_sample_8.jpg