LG Quick Circle


The Quick Circle case is a smart phone cover case with a circular window cut-out on the front. The case not only provides protection for a smart phone - once attached, it also provides various UX features. For example, users can select apps directly through the cover's Quick Circle window. In addition, users can receive notifications and check new messages.

Quick Circle Case

The Quick Circle case is shown below.



Quick Circle App & Widget

Quick Circle Apps

The Quick Circle app is an Android application that can be directly accessed through the Quick Circle window. The Quick Circle displays Quick Circle app icons through the Quick Circle window. Users can select and use apps directly from the Quick Circle menu without opening the cover.

mobile_qcircle_intro_2.png.png      mobile_qcircle_intro_3.png.png


To use the Quick Circle feature, the ‘Quick Circle case’ item in Settings needs to be enabled. It is enabled by default. Apps that can be used through the Quick Circle window are available for selection in the Settings list. Depending on the device model, the user can select between up to six and an unlimited number of apps to be displayed in the Quick Circle window.



Quick Circle Widgets

Through the Quick Circle, users can choose a default clock to be shown through the Quick Circle window.

The Quick Circle provides various clock widgets by default. Users can also download a custom clock widget and set it as default.



On LG G4, it is possible to set a default Quick Circle clock by touching a clock and holding it.

mobile_qcircle_intro_6.png mobile_qcircle_intro_7.png