Supporting Multiple Screens


LG QCircle SDK supports various models - not only LG G3 but also other models such as LG G3 Beat.

Quick Circle supporting models are different in display resolution and the screen size. However, the physical size of the Quick Circle window is almost the same among models.


Device Model

Display Resolution (pixel)

Display Size (inch)

Quick Circle Window Diameter (mm)


1440 x 2560



LG G3 Beat

720 x 1280



For example, LG G3 and LG G3 Beat are very different in their display resolution and size but they have the same window size. It means that the number of pixels of the LG G3 Beat in the Quick Circle window is different from that of the LG G3. It causes differences in the Quick Circle window display depending on the devices.


The QCircle APIs provide an API to resolve the issue and support compatibility.

When you set the size of UI components, decide a pixel value. Then, use an API below. The method takes a pixel value and an application, and it converts a pixel value to a relative pixel value for each device.



In Android, the system provides the dp (density independent pixel) units to support different densities. However, since the size of the Quick Circle window is almost the same for Quick Circle models, using dp units does not fully support the app screen compatibility for all Quick Circle models.
the figure below shows a Quick Circle app implemented using dp units running on two devices having different screen sizes and densities. Resources are scaled by the screen size but look different in the Quick Circle window.