Modifying the Android Manifest File

Presenting the App on Settings

For the Quick Circle app to be listed in settings, you need to add the action ‘com.lge.quickcover to the intent filter of the Quick Circle activity.


Removing a Title Bar

The title bar needs to be removed in order to fit your app to the Quick Circle window.

Fixing the Orientation

The orientation has to be fixed to portrait.

Adding an App Icon

For the Quick Circle window, an app icon needs to be added to the activity.

Excluding QCircle Activity from Recently Used Apps

If you created a separate activity for the Quick Circle window, the activity should be excluded from the recently used apps list when the cover is opened. You can exclude the activity from the list by adding an attribute to AndroidManifest.xml file. The value attributed should be excludeFromRecents. You can set it to true and add the attribute to the corresponding activity as shown below.