Creating a Project

Creating a Project

Using Android Studio

You will start the Quick Circle application development based on the Android project.


1. In Android Studio, create a new project from the File > New Project menu.


2. Configure the fields as shown below and click Next.


3. Under ‘Select the form factors your app will run on’, check the box for Phone and Tablet. For Minimum SDK, select API 19: Android 4.4 (KitKat). Then, click the Next.



The Quick Circle feature is supported with LG devices over Android API 19.


4. Select Blank and click Next.


5. Under Customize the Activity, leave fields as default and click the Finish. Now your Android project is created.


Using Eclipse

1. In Eclipse, select the Android Application Project menu from New.


2. Configure the fields as shown below and click the Next.



3. For practice, we will use a custom launcher icon and need a default activity.



4. Click the Next from Configure Launcher Icon.


5. Check Create Activity and select Blank Activity. Click the Next.


6. Name the activity ‘MainActivity’ and click the Finish.



7. You will find your project from Project Explorer.



Importing a Library

Using Android Studio

Once you have created an Android Project, you will import the LG QCircle library.


With Gradle Build

If you are using gradle build, the QCircle library can be downloaded from the maven central repository instead of downloading the SDK with Android SDK manager or zip file.




In your build configuration file, build.gradle, add the following codes:

compile 'com.lge.developer:qcircle-design-template:2.0.0'


To find out more information about gradle, please refer to Gradle >.


With Downloaded SDK File

1. Copy the library file from the libs folder of the SDK root path to the libs folder under app in your project.
e.g.) workspace\MyFirstQCircleApp\app\libs


2. From the File menu, select New module.


3. Choose ‘Phone and Tablet Application’ and ‘Import JAR or .AAR package’, then click the Next.


4. For the File name field, browse the project folder and find the QCircle library.


5. You will now see that the LGQCircleAPIs module is added to the project.


6. Select Synchronize from the File menu. The QCircle library is configured and ready to use.


Using Eclipse

LG QCircle SDK provides a library project for developers using Eclipse. To use LG QCircle APIs, import the library project included in the SDK.

1. In Eclipse, select File > Import and open the Import window.


2. In the Import window, select General > Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next.


3. Import the LGQCircleAPIs project from ForEclipse\libs in the sdk folder.


4. Verify that the LGQCircleAPIs library project appears in the Project Explorer.


5. To use this library project in your project, select your application project and click Properties in the right-click menu.


6. In the properties window, select Android on the left and click Add in library on the right.


7. Select LGQCircleAPIs from the project selection.


8. Verify that the LGQCircleAPIs library project is added as a library, then click OK.


9. Now you are ready to use APIs from the library.