LG QCircle Guide

Before you get your hands on writing QCircle apps for LG smart devices, here's your gateway to QCircle app development.


Find out an overview of LG Quick Circle and the LG QCircle SDK.
LG Quick Circle Overview LG QCircle SDK Overview  

App Development

After you've installed the LG Android SDK, start with this guide to learn how to develop Quick Circle applications.
Creating a Project Modifying Code Key Implementation
API Reference    

Widget Development

Start with a brief overview for developing Quick Circle widgets to learn how to implement clock widgets using LG QCircle APIs.
Widget Development    

UI & UX Guide

Find out the UI Design and UX Scenario for the LG Quick Circle feature.
UI Design Guide UX Scenario Guide  


Find out the function of the sample applications in the LG QCircle SDK and the code analysis.
Overview Code Analysis