LG FMRadio SDK includes a sample application and it shows all basic features of FM radio.

Importing the Sample Project

To import sample applications:


1. Run Android Studio.


2. Select Open an existing Android Studio project in Quick Start.



3. Go to the folder the LG FMRadio SDK exists and select sample, then the sample application is loaded.



Introduction to Sample Application

The sample application shows key points for developing an FM radio application. When you run the sample application, it will be shown as below.

fmradio_sample_overview_3.png fmradio_sample_overview_4.png


① Tuning on/off the FM Radio

There is a button for Radio on and Radio off. The FM radio is turned on by the "RADIO ON" button and turned off by the "RADIO OFF" button.


② Searching for the Previous or Next Frequency
There are buttons for "SEEK BACKWARD" and "SEEK FORWARD" to search for the closest available frequency that comes after/before the current frequency.


③ Changing the Channel to the Specified Frequency
There is a slide on the seekbar beside the "TUNE" button for changing the channel to a specified frequency.


④ Starting/Terminating of Scanning
There is a button to start and stop scanning. When the "SCAN" button is clicked, the FM radio searches for all frequencies that can be listened to on FM radio and the button text is changed to "STOP SCAN". If the "STOP SCAN" button is clicked during the scanning, the search for frequencies is stopped and the button text is changed to "SCAN".

⑤ Turning On/Off the RDS
There is a button for turning on and off the RDS. When the "RDS ON" button is clicked, RDS program service, RDS radio text and program type is displayed at the top-left side of the display. If the "RDS OFF" button is clicked, RDS is not updated.


⑥ Setting the Audio Mode
There is a button for setting an audio mode. When the "MODE" button is clicked, the audio mode is changed to speaker mode, mute or earphone mode.


⑦ Displaying the Current Frequency
Current receiving frequency is displayed at the top-left side.