LG FMRadio SDK allows the creation of applications providing FM radio service on the Android pltform. This chapter describes the LG FM Radio module, which enables third-party application developers to create FM Radio applications using the FM radio service included with the LG Android platform.



LG FMRadio SDK consists of the following components:

  • Library: API for developing FM Radio services
  • Documentation: LG FMRadio SDK developer guide
  • Sample: The sample application and its source code using LG FM Radio APIs

Key Features

LG FMRadio SDK consists of the following key features:

  • Radio ON: turns on the FM Radio.
  • Radio OFF: turns off the FM Radio.
  • Seek: searches for available frequencies to listen to.
    SeekForward: searches for the closest available frequency that comes after the current frequency.
    SeekBackward: searches for the closest available frequency that comes before the current frequency. (Searchable frequency range: 87.5–108.0 MHz.)
  • Tune: goes to the frequency you specify. This feature enables you to go to a specified frequency regardless of whether the frequency is available to listen to. (Searchable frequency range: 87.5–108.0 MHz.)
  • RDS (Radio Data System): displays the broadcasting station name, program type, program text and program Identification code. This information is updated by the broadcasting station. You can control this feature using RdsOn/RdsOff.
  • Speaker mode: listen to FM radio through your phone's speaker, instead of using earphones.
  • Mute: disables the sound coming from FM radio without turning FM radio off.

Supported Devices

The LG FMRadio SDK works on the LG Stylus 2 for European market only.

* Available from software version V10n.