Terms and Concepts

Dual Window

This refers to a feature of LG smartphones that allows users to simultaneously use two windows divided by a horizontal or vertical line on one screen. Each Split window can run a Dual window Application separately.

Dual Window Application

This refers to the application using Dual window. It can be run in the Split window area with the Dual window mode. It can be also run in whole screen area with Full screen mode.
LG smartphones offers several pre-loaded Dual window applications such as Web Brower, Message, Gallery and etc.
3rd party applications can be converted into the Dual window applications by simply modifying AndroidManifest.xml. You can learn how to convert it on this document..

Full Screen Mode/ Dual Window Mode

Full screen mode refers to the state that the application runs in the whole screen area, and Dual window mode refers to the state that the application runs in the Split window area.
The Dual window application can be run with both modes. If you execute two applications at once through Dual window App Drawer, it will be run with the Dual window mode. If you execute one application through general launcher, it will be run with the Full screen mode.

Split Window

This refers to one of the two windows shown on Dual window. Namely, Dual window applications can be run in the Split window.

Dual Window App Drawer

This refers the App Drawer including Dual window application execution icons. By selecting two application icons in this App Drawer, you can execute two applications at once.

URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)

URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is a string of characters used to identify the name of a resource. In Android, there are two types of URI. One is the content URI that use the "content" (content://) scheme, and the other is the file URI that use the "file" (file://) scheme.
E.g.: content://authority/path/id