LG Dual window is a feature of LG mobile devices that allows the screen to be split in two, enabling applications to be run in each Split window. With Dual window, users can enjoy two applications at once on the same screen.




LG Dual window provides the following key features:

  • Splitting the screen in two and running two applications simultaneously on the same screen
    It divides the screen into two windows, either vertically or horizontally. Each window can run an application separately.
  • Adjusting the height of Split windows
    Users can adjust the height (width) of the windows by dragging the boundary line between Split windows up and down (left and right).
  • Dragging and dropping content from one window to the other
    It provides drag-and-drop operation between Split windows. Users can drag an object, for example text and an image, from one Split window and drop it into the other.
  • The app drawer to start Dual window applications
    It provides the app drawer including launcher icons for Dual window applications. The App Drawer includes execution icons of Dual window applications. The Dual window application can be executed with the Dual window mode through the App Drawer. It can be also executed with the Full screen mode through general Launcher.


Use-cases of Dual Window

Using Dual window, users can perform efficient multitasking on one screen, such as:

  • Enjoying two different functions simultaneously on one screen (Video & Messaging)

  • Browsing two different websites at the same time

  • Attaching a photo easily to an email by dragging and dropping


How to Execute LG Dual Window

To start Dual window applications, users should start the LG Dual window App Drawer. It includes execution icons of Dual window applications. Two Dual window applications are simultaneously started on Split windows if you put two execution icons on the screen side by side.
You can start LG Dual window App Drawer as follows:
  • Holding the Back Button
    On LG smartphones and LG tablets, the App Drawer can be started by holding the back button.
  • Using the Soft Key (Tablet)
    On LG tablets, the App Drawer can be started by the soft key.


Supported Devices

LG Dual window supports the following devices:
  • Smartphones
    G3, G3 Cat.6, G3 Vista, G3 Stylus, GX2, Isai, G pro2, G Flex
  • Tablets
    LG G Pad 10.1, LG G Pad 8.0, LG G Pad 7.0