Dual Camera Overview

The dual camera feature of LG smartphones provides users with unique camera experiences. A typical smartphone usually has one front-facing camera for selfie and one back-facing camera as main. LG smartphones with the dual camera feature are equipped with the third camera module. This camera is placed either next to the front-facing camera (in case of LG V10) or the back-facing camera (in case of LG G5), making the cameras on its facing side “dual”.


LG V10’s Dual Camera on the Top-Left Corner


The two cameras on the dual camera side present different view perspectives: one with a normal-angle of view and the other a wide-angle of view. The angle of view differs from model to model. The following figure shows the difference in the views of LG V10’s dual camera.


LG V10’s Dual Camera Normal and Wide View


Cameras can be accessed to see preview, take pictures, record videos, etc. Each camera is labeled with its own Camera ID number that can be distinguished from other cameras. See Accessing Cameras for more information on how to access camera devices.


Use Cases of Dual Camera

Typical use cases of dual camera are as follows.


<Multi-View Window>

Different views from the cameras can be presented in a layout that is divided into multiple sections. The following figure shows the Multi-View feature of the LG V10’s Camera app. The layout can be switched from one to another to combine different views from the cameras.


LG V10’s Multi-View Recording


<Pop-out Picture>

Capture the scene with the dual cameras at the same time. Overlaying one image on top of the other creates a pop-out effect, as shown in the below figure.


LG G5’s Camera Pop-Out Picture


<Capturing the scene while recording>

As the two cameras on the dual camera side face the same direction, one camera can be used to record the scene and the other camera to capture the scene being recorded.


LG G5’s Dual Mode Video - Camera


Supported Devices

The following LG smartphones come with dual camera feature:

• LG V20

• LG V10

• LG G5


On some LG smartphones, the smartphone imposes resolution constraints on camera devices when the dual cameras are opened at the same time. Refer to Constraints on Camera Resolution for detailed information.