LG DMB SDK includes a sample application and it shows all basic features of DAB/DMB services.

Opening the Sample Application

Import the sample application as follows:


1. Run Android Studio.


2. Select Open an existing Android Studio project in Quick Start.

sample 1.png


3. Go to the folder the LG FMRadio SDK exists and select sample, then the sample application is loaded.

sample 2.png



Introduction to the Sample Application

LG DMB SDK includes one sample application. The sample application contains key components to develop DAB/DMB service applications.


① Initializing DAB/DMB service
This is the first screen of the sample application.

sample 3.png


② Searching and selecting the DAB/DMB service channel
If you click the “SELECT FREQUENCY BLOCK” button, channel searching starts.

sample 4.png


③ Watching DAB/DMB channel
If you select a desired channel, you can watch the broadcast.

sample 5.png