You can see the glance of what kind of SDKs and samples are provided for LG mobile devices.

Please note that the supported devices are vary by SDK/samples.

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Develop with SDK & Samples


LG GATE(Guarded Access To Enterprise) is an enterprise mobile solutions for LG mobile devices. With powerful capabilities and government-grade security, LG GATE creates a secure and efficient mobile work environment for all users.
LG Watch SDK
LG Watch W7 is a smart watch equipped with hour and minute hands move just like an analog watch. LG Watch SDK helps you develop applications considering the display characteristics(obstruction display) of LG Watch W7.
LG Dual Camera
The dual camera feature of LG smartphones provides unique camera experiences. To help you create dual camera applications for LG smartphones, we provide the dual camera app developer guide and sample code.
DMB is digital radio transmission technology for sending multimedia data. LG DMB SDK provides DMB module information and APIs that allow you to create applications using DAB/DMB services on the Android platform.
FM broadcasting is radio broadcasting using frequency modulation (FM) technology. LG FMRadio SDK allows the creation of applications providing FM radio service on the Android platform.
LG Smart Bulletin SDK
LG Smart Bulletin is a home bulletin for LG Home. LG Smart Bulletin allows users easier access to necessary information on the home screen. LG Smart Bulletin SDK helps you develop applications which can be displayed on LG Smart Bulletin.
LG Dual Window
LG Dual window allows the screen to be split in two, enabling applications to be run in each split window. To help you create dual window applications for LG mobile devices, we provide the dual window developer guide and sample code.
LG QPair provides a seamless environment between your Android phone and LG tables. With the LG QPair SDK, you can create interesting applications that run over the QPair connection.
LG QCircle SDK
The QuickCircle case is a smart phone cover case with a circular window cut-out on the front. LG QCircle SDK allows you to make the best use out of UX features compatible with a QuickCircle case.
LG QSlide is a feature on LG mobile devices to provide an application with multi-tasking using floating window. You have a chance to make your own multi-tasking application with LG QSlide SDK.
LG QRemote SDK
LG QRemote (also known as LG QuickRemote) turns certain LG smartphones into universal remote controls. LG QRemote SDK provides APIs to control IR-controlled devices easily.